For more than 20 years, Gardex safes and filing cabinets have kept millions of contracts, stocks, accounts receivable and other irreplaceable documents from going up in smoke. In all kinds of fires, explosions and falls, the Gardex safes and filing cabinets have saved their content… and everything that depended on it.

More than insurance that will never replace single documents, Gardex safes and binders guarantee you complete security, for perfect peace of mind.


  • General retractable lock. Standard for all our models, this lock controls all drawers.
  • Selection of drawers. System that allows one or more drawers to be kept open while the others are locked.
  • Gard-Lite insulation using a process exclusive to Gardex.
  • Interior steel coating that traps the insulation and also prevents access to a drawer closed by an open drawer.
  • Gravity-cast insulating material envelops each drawer and makes it refractory. Thus, a drawer left open would burn, but not the others.
  • Suspension system that allows the drawer to slide freely. The lateral filing cabinets additionally have a 3-arm system from SwayGard to prevent lateral swaying.
  • Handle, elegant, modern and durable.
  • Textured finish that resists rust.

Gardex filing cabinets offer a complete security guarantee with absolute peace of mind. UL® certification (are listed 177 ° C). These binders with elegant textured finishes blend easily with any environment. They can even be used as a screen and room divider.

Simply the best fireproof binders in the industry.

Gardex Fr Classic 25 D Vertical File Cabinet

Gardex Fr Classic 38 W Lateral File Cabinet

Gardex Fr Classic 44 W Lateral File Cabinet

Gardex Fr Gardex Econo Vertical File Cabinet

Gardex Fr Classic 31 D Vertical File Cabinet


Artopex metal pedestals are modular units compatible with the furniture and systems offered. They are available in several heights and configurations, on levelers or on casters. These Artopex storage solutions are available in a wide variety of colors.

Brochure Metal Fr 3


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